Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nissan North America November Sales

Nissan North America sold a total of 85,182 vehicles in the U.S., which is a gain of 19.4% compared to last November. The Nissan brand was up 21.4%, with 76,745 vehicles sold. The Altima was up 12.2%, with 20,613 units sold. With help from the redesigned sedan, the Versa saw an increase of 38.2%, selling 9,921 units. Nissan's popular Rogue crossover was up 27.2%, selling 10,845 units. The Leaf was able to sell 672 units. The Frontier was up 37.8%, selling 4,324 units. The 2012 NV commercial van sold a total of 1,238 units.

The Infiniti brand was only up by 3% last month with sales of 8,428 vehicles. The G sedan led the way with 3,623 units sold, up 26.9%. The QX was the second best selling Infiniti model, up 9% with 1,446 units sold. The FX saw a increase of 24.9%, with 1,125 units sold. The EX35 saw a big decline of 46.8%, with only 428 units sold.

Nissan has done very well lately increasing their sales while Toyota's and Honda's sales have declined. I am optimistic that Nissan's sales will continue to increase especially with the redesigned Altima and Sentra on the way. Infiniti on the other hand is not faring to well when comparing their sales with other luxury makers. I think Infiniti offers great vehicles that are very competitive in their classes. I just don't understand why their models are not attracting consumers. This is an issue that Infiniti needs to try and figure out. Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have been selling so many more vehicles this year than Infiniti has. I said this in my post about Infiniti ( but they really need more vehicles in their lineup. It's been years but it is time for Infiniti to bring back the flagship Q sedan!!!
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