Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toyota Motor Corporation 2011 November Sales

The Toyota brand sold a total of 118,502 vehicles, up 2.4% compared to last November. The redesigned Camry led the pack selling 23,440 units, up 8.5%. The new Yaris had a gain of 149.8%, selling 5,604 units. The Corolla still managed to sell 16,115 units while being down 4.5%. The Prius was up 42.8%, selling 15,208 units.The Tocoma was up 8.5%, selling 9,739 units.

The Lexus brand sold a total of 19,458 vehicles, up 2.4%. The ES led the pack selling 4,731 units, up 11.6%. The IS sold a total of 2,876 units. The RX was the only SUV in the lineup to not see a sales decrease. The HS hybrid has not been a big seller, only selling 207 units.

The Scion brand was down 11%, selling 3,553 units. The tC coupe was down 6.4% selling 1,578 units. The xB was down 17.(% selling 1,202 units. The xD sold 773 units, down 8.4%.

Both Toyota and Lexus saw an increase in sales compared to November 2010, while Scion saw a decrease. I expect Scion to see a jump in sales when the 2013 FR-S arrives at dealerships. The 2013 FR-S will attract so many people who may go in to see the FR-S but end up buying another model. This new model is exactly what the Scion brand needs!
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