Thursday, December 1, 2011

Honda Motor Co. 2011 November Sales

The Honda Motor Co. sold a total of 83,925 vehicles, a decrease of 10.1% compared to last November. The Honda brand was down 9.9%, selling 74,016 units. The Civic led the pack selling 17,133 units, up 0.7%. The CR-V was down 13.7%, selling 16,426 units. The CR-Z saw a decrease of 71.4%, selling 305 units. The Insight was down 53.2%, selling only 749 units.

The Acura brand sold 9,909 units, down 11.2%. The TSX was the leader, selling 2,691 units, down 0.2%. The RDX saw an increase of 7.6%, selling 1,326 units. The MDX saw a decrease of 24.2% selling, 3,308 units. The RL sedan sold only 45 units, a decrease of 74.3%.

I am a fan of Acura's designs but not a fan of Honda's recent design language. I think that many people don't like the designs of recent Honda's and Acura's. Majority of the comments I've heard about Honda and Acura has been pretty negative. Honda is starting to understand this because they are going to deliver a refresh of the recently introduced Civic. In my post about Acura (, I talk about what they need to change. In my opinion the brand shares too much with their Honda relatives. If Acura can differentiate itself from Honda and deliver impress car designs I think they will get more attention to their brand.
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