Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts: Cadillac Ciel Concept

When I saw the pictures of the Cadillac Ciel concept, I had mixed feelings about it. I got the sense that Cadillac was trying to mix the old and the new together with this concept. The rear of the Ciel is what really bothered me when I kept looking at it. I tried to imagine myself in this car and just couldn't see it. But after looking at the pictures a few more times this morning I like the Ciel concept a lot now. I don't know what happened but I find this concept to be very luxurious and classy. I really like the front end of the Ciel and think that Cadillac did an amazing job designing it. The front end is very bold and reminds me of the other models in Cadillac's lineup.

I hope that this concept does get the the "go" for production because I think it would fit quite well in Cadillac's lineup. Cadillac doesn't have any convertibles currently and in my opinion the Ciel would bring in new customers. I'm sure if the if it does get the "go" for production not everything would make it into the production car but I think everything should.

Congrats to Cadillac on designing a terrific concept car!

Do you like/dislike Cadillac's Ciel concept?

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