Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Happened to Acura???

In August Acura moved 9,054 vehicles, which was down 24.5% compared to August 2010.

 I have mixed  reviews about Acura as of late. I believe they are not the same Acura that they once were. As many people have put it "Acura has lost its way". I may be one of the few who actually liked the "beak" design on all of the Acura models. I thought that it was bold, stylish, and really made Acura's cars stand out in the crowd. I just didn't get why many people didn't like the designs. The biggest problem that I have with Acura has to deal with the interior.   In a previous post about the TL I got on Acura about their interiors. When I think of luxury I don't think of an interior of a Acura. This is the same problem that Lincoln has because the interiors look almost identical to their Ford counterparts. If I'm a buyer interested in a luxury car and I look at an Acura and see the interior I'm going to think why not get a Honda for less money. I know that Acura has the ability to do this and they need to if they want to be taken seriously. When I sit in a Acura I want to feel like I'm covered in luxury and not just an upscale Honda.

Another problem that Acura faces is its lineup. This is the same problem in my opinion that Infiniti also faces. Acura has to develop more models if they want to gain the interests of new buyers. I would like to see roadsters, coupes, and a flagship in Acura's lineup. There's no denying that Acuras drive well so it would be a good thing for them to create other models. If Acura really wants to be a big player in the luxury car market they really be on the same level as their German rivals. I honestly believe that Acura has to add more vehicles to their lineup if they want to gain market share.

Honda really has to step up their game and give Acura a complete overhaul. If Honda needs help, assistance, or viewpoints they need to get in contact with me! I'm 21 and I know exactly what people my age/generation are looking for when it comes to buying a car. The old ways of doing things are not working anymore and it is clearly showing. With new models and greatly improved interiors I think that Acura can really become a stronger luxury car company. I really want Acura to succeed and hope that the brand turns around. But that decision is in the hands of the management at Honda Motor Company.

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