Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Interview: The New $6,800 P5 from Elio Motors

Named one of the 2015 Top Ten Startups of the New Automotive Industry, Elio Motors continues to move closer to production and is showcased the Elio P5 prototype at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Production of the P5 is scheduled for late 2016. Paul discusses how Elio Motors is revolutionizing the auto industry by developing a low-cost, highly fuel efficient vehicle.

Check out our interview below:

About the talent:
With over 18 years of engineering and executive management experience, Mr. Elio has spent much of his time in the automotive space focused on technology development. Holding numerous patents related to mechanisms, Mr. Elio began his career at Johnson Controls, the global diversified technology and industrial leader, and was a founding partner of ESG Engineering, the company that became known for quickly moving ideas from concept to reality. One of ESG's key projects was the three-wheeled vehicle now known as the Elio.

Upon realizing the vast potential of the Elio, Paul created Elio Motors and began the process of fighting the challenges associated with staring a new transportation company. Adhering to four tenets throughout the development process ensured a high quality product: a) ultra-low sticker price, b) ultra-high mileage, c) engineered to the highest safety standards, and, d) low risk=existing technology=no R&D.

I want to thank Elio Motors for this interview opportunity! I also want to thank Paul Elio for taking out the time to discuss and answer my questions.

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