Friday, February 1, 2013

Is Lincoln's Super Bowl Commercial a Let-Down?

Lincoln recently released it's Super Bowl commercial which will air during the Big Game this Sunday!

Check out Lincoln's commercial:

The Green Light: Over the past year I have written a number of posts on Lincoln. Once Ford decided to put all their "effort" into Lincoln I thought things would finally change for their luxury brand. While many people do not like the new designs, I think the MKZ is a good looking vehicle as well as the MKC Concept. I've watched the commercial and I found it to be boring and all over the place. Nothing about the commercial made me want to be interested in Lincoln. I've been told by a few people from Ford that there is a good plan for Lincoln. But after seeing this commercial I am still convinced that Ford has no idea what they are doing with Lincoln. Nothing about this commercial screams LUXURY. If Ford wants Lincoln to be a luxury automaker again then they need to go back to the drawing board. I am really rooting for Lincoln because I think competition is always great. I am not giving up on Lincoln yet!

What are your thoughts on the commercial?

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