Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts: Nissan Maxima

I grew up around Maxima's so I am a big fan of the Nissan Maxima. My grandmother had three generations of Maxima's ('84, '99, and '05). My great-grandfather currently has an '03 Maxima. The Maxima is Nissan's flapship sedan but I think that can be argued with. Over the years the Maxima has lost it's way probably because Nissan had no idea what to do with it. I do believe that Nissan did a great job of giving the current generation Maxima a great design. This current design definitely stands out and every time I see it on the road I'm always looking like I've never seen it before. The Maxima's engine has increased in horsepower, now to 290 hp from a 3.5L V6 engine, which Nissan does very well. The interior of the Maxima has been greatly improved which it needed to be.

The main complaint about the Maxima is that it's not a true sports sedan. People have a hard time with the Maxima being front-wheel drive and having a CVT transmission. These are the two reason why many people won't purchase a Maxima. I have driven the current generation Maxima and I was quite pleased with the way the Maxima drives. With some much power from the engine I think it is time for Nissan to give the Maxima an AWD option. Many feel that if that is an option the Maxima will hurt G37 sales but I do not agree with that. If someone wants to buy a luxury vehicle they will be a luxury vehicle. The Ford Taurus, and Chrysler 300 both have AWD options and even the next generation Ford Fusion will have an AWD option. I think that the option of an AWD system would help improve the sales of the Maxima and actually make it a four-door sports car. There needs to be more marketing for the Maxima as well. I rarely see an commercials or advertisements for the Maxima. I have a couple of car reviews under my belt and when I look at other car reviewers I have not seen many reviews of the Maxima.

The Nissan Maxima is a terrific car and Nissan really needs to put the Maxima back on the map and show that it is their flagship sedan. The Maxima deserves more recognition from Nissan. The Maxima will be one of my top 3 choices when I start looking for a car.

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