Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Revealed: Mazda RX-VISION Concept

At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda unveiled the RX-VISION Concept. The RX-VISION Concept is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car.

The RX-VISION Concept is powered by a next generation Skyactiv-R rotary engine. The full specs on the Skyactiv-R rotary engine hasn't been revealed yet. With the Skyactiv-R rotary engine, shows that Mazda is still committed to its signature rotary sports car engine.

I'm a big fan of Mazda's design language and the RX-VISION Concept does not disappoint. The front end of the concept is bold and falls in line with the rest of Mazda's lineup. The RX-VISION Concept's interior based on the photos is simple and screams sports car.

Hopefully Mazda will release more information regarding the Skyactiv-R rotary engine that powers the RX-VISION Concept.

What are your thoughts on the Mazda RX-VISION Concept?

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