Thursday, June 26, 2014

Interview: The New $6,800 and 84 MPG Elio w/ Elio Motors Founder Paul Elio

Would you be interested in a $6,800 and 84 MPG vehicle? Elio Motors Founder Paul Elio discusses how he came up with the idea for the Elio and explains all of the vehicle's features, and when and where you will be able to get one.

About the talent:
Paul Elio, a former New York City cab driver, went back to school and got his engineering degree at age 31. He launched a successful engineering company, and today is living a life-long dream to own a car-company. Elio Motors was founded in 2008 after Paul had an idea centered on creating a vehicle for today's generation of drivers that addresses their transportation needs and the world's realities. The mission is to provide affordable transportation to those commuters seeking an alternative and to provide vital American jobs.

Interesting Facts:
*84 MPG
*Engineered for an anticipated 5-Star Crash Test Rating
*Tandem Seating
*Manufactured at the Shreveport, Louisiana factory
* Nearly 20,000 people have already reserved an Elio

Check out the interview below:

I want to thank Elio Motors for this interview opportunity! I also want to thank Paul Elio for taking out the time to discuss and answer my questions.

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