Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Interview: How Much Car Can You Afford? w/ Alec Gutierrez and James Bell

Not sure how much car you can afford? Well check out my interview with Alec Gutierrez, Senior Market Analyst, Automotive Insights, Kelley Blue Book and James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs, General Motors to learn some tips and gain valuable information before you purchase your next vehicle.

Check out the interview below:

I want to thank General Motors for this interview opportunity! I also want to thank Alec Gutierrez and James Bell for taking out the time to discuss and answer my questions.

About the talent:
Alec Gutierrez is charged with providing timely data analysis and market insight on the global and domestic events that shape the automotive industry. Gutierrez also is responsible for tracking, trending, and forecasting vehicle valuation trends for new and used cars on,vehicle sales and economic trends that impact the car market. Gutierrez often speaks on behalf of KBB to various media outlets, such as CNBC, Fox Business Network, The Wall Street journal, MSNBC, USA Today, Automotive News, Reuters and Market Watch. Alec Gutierrez graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Finance and MBA.

With over 16 years of experience, James Bell is a nationally recognized and authoritative resource within the automotive industry. During his tenure, James has diligently analyzed and effectively communicated automotive data and research to multiple constituencies, including the national and international media, automotive manufacturers, dealers, and the every-day shopper. His multifaceted experience has led to a unique perspective on the industry that easily crosses over the boundaries between the general consumer and passionate enthusiast. Prior to joining GM, James was Vice President of Corporate Communications and Executive Market Analyst for Kelley Blue Book. In this role, he was charged with promoting the brand and driving traffic to its award-winning Web site. Bell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communications and Political Science from California State University.

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