Monday, October 8, 2012

VW Values: A Day in the Life of Five Unique Owners

The series, VW Values, focuses on a triathlete, a professional skydiver, a sculptor, a chef and an environmentalist. These five owners share a day in their life and how their VWs serves them.

Volkswagen wanted to know: Why VW? The auto giant collected owners' stories, and made videos out of the five owners' experiences. Each video highlights a brand value: performance, design, quality, environment and safety. Check out two of the videos focusing on Performance and Safety:

  • Training with Andy, a VW film about Performance: Andy, a triathlete and VW GTI owner, helps train and guide physically challenged athletes. Watch Andy's story to find out how he guides his athletes to perform at a higher level, and how his GTI fits into his life:
  • Jumping with Claudia, a VW film about Safety: Safety and protection are key when jumping out of planes- as a professional skydiver, Claudia knows this first hand. That's why she drives a VW- safety should be given, not a last minute decision:

Watch all of the videos and share your own story here- from time to time, Volkswagen will reward the most popular stories with special perks:

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