Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review: Top Gear

Top Gear is a British television show about cars. The show is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. BBC Worldwide Americas got in contact with me asking me to review Season 17 of Top Gear. I had heard of Top Gear before but I was never eager in watching the show. I was wondering if I was going to like the it mainly because it was a British show. I have seen a lot of British shows and don't find them enjoyable. After watching Top Gear I don't feel that way about all British shows. I can say that I really liked watching Top Gear. While I find Top Gear very enjoyable, I will say that British humor still hasn't caught up to me.

One of my favorite segments, "Celebrities in a Reasonably Priced Car", featured Alice Cooper, Rowan Atkinson, Ross Noble, and Sebastian Vettel. Every time I watched this segment I wondered if any of them were going to break any records. I don't think I could be in that position because I would be extremely nervous and especially because I don't know how to drive stick (I'm from NYC). One on my favorite challenges was finding the world's best hot hatchback. I think for me this was one of the most enjoyable challenges. Another highlight from the show was when James May was driving the Range Rover Evoque in California's Death Valley. He had to get out of Death Valley to pick up Cher. I already knew that he was not going to be picking up the real Cher but an impersonator. But May's reaction when picking up the Cher impersonator was priceless!

Another interesting segment was the electric car challenge. Jeremy Clarkson drove a Nissan Leaf and James  May drove a Peugeot iOn. The Nissan Leaf is definitely the better looking car out of the two. I knew that they were going to have trouble before they reached their destination. The best part was when they were tying to find a place to plug up the cars so that they could charge. By Clarkson and May going off to do various activities I know that the charging process took a very LONG time.

The funniest segment was when the boys were making a cheaper train transportation method. They attached campers to cars which I did not think was going to work. But I was definitely proven wrong when those cars started to move on the train tracks. When Clarkson made a detour on the other track, I laughed when a train appeared because I seen it coming.The hosts really made it enjoyable to watch and showed that no option was off the table.

I think that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have great chemistry. There are plenty of shows that have co-hosts but there is no chemistry between them (The Car Show). They really show how passionate they are about automobiles, which is a plus in my book. My favorite of the three has to be Richard Hammond. When watching a show about cars, I want to see people who are just as passionate as I am and the hosts deliver that.

I want to thank Deborah Schonfeld from BBC Worldwide Americas for getting in contact with me and sending me Season 17 of Top Gear!, I truly enjoyed it! Top Gear is my new favorite show. This show is very interesting and offers a lot of excitement for viewers. There are tons of people who don't agree with the show due to their experiments and love for speed. But in the end you can't please everyone, someone will always find a problem. I don't think that this show encourages people to drive fast and etc its just a show about cars, speed should be expected. The show has been on for a long time and the formula that they have come up with works. So if it isn't broken then don't fix it. My expectations weren't too high before I watched the series but my expectations have surely changed. If anyone is a "real" car enthusiast they should definitely check out Top Gear! I know I will be watching from now on.

Are you a fan of Top Gear?

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